Pick a name that goes well with the surname.
Think about whether the first name rhymes with the surname, does this sound right?
Make sure that the initials don't spell anything unpleasant!
Think about the spelling of the name, an unusual spelling may often get mispronounced and child will be correcting people all the time.
Be aware that many names get abbreviated.
Imagine the child as an adult, is the name still appropriate?
Middle names can be useful for many reasons:- Honouring family members or traditions; a choice for the child to change his/her name when they are older if they don't like their first name; using a name you like which may not be appropriate for a first name.
Say the name out-loud and imagine yourself saying it for years to come in many different ways (angryly, joyfully, lovingly etc), would you feel comfortable shouting the name in a crowd?
Does the name sound very similar to other family members names? This could be confusing to both parties concerned!
Choose a name that you like!